12 Types Of Lung Disease

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12 Types Of Lung Disease


This type of the disease that attacks the lungs are very diverse, the lungs are the respiratory organs of a man. If a man afflicted by the organs his lungs he could be exposed to a variety of respiratory diseases. All types of lung disease can be dangerous to human health because of lung disease can strike the organs most importantly human. The lungs are the organs that play a role in respiratory system, where there is an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood is too foreign.

The process of substitution of oxygen with carbon dioxide is called respiration. The process of respiration performed by lungs which assisted by hemoglobin or HB in human red blood cells. The function of HB is the binding of oxygen. People affected by anemia will usually interrupted breathing because he has low levels of HB in addition to the number of red blood cells which is a little to make the circulation of oxygen throughout the body also little.


Various Types Of Lung Disease


Various types of lung disease should be known because knowing lung disease early, the treatment is expected to do and bring will be the maximum. The end of the treatment is done can make lung diseases are difficult to overcome. The following are the types of lung disease that we know:

12 Types Of Lung Disease


  1. Pneumonia
  2. Legionnaries disease
  3. Pleural effusion
  4. Tuberculosis
  5. Pneumotoraks
  6. Asthma
  7. Lung disease chronic obstructive
  8. The symptoms
  9. The lungs
  10. Pulmonary disease due to environmental conditions of work
  11. Silikosis
  12. Asbestosis




This type of lung disease pneumonia, pneumonia, also called a disease pneumonia. Pneumonia can be referred to as lung disease which is very dangerous because in addition to infectious disease pneumonia if not promptly treated can lead to death. Pneumonia can strike adults as well as children. Children who do immunization can be given the vaccine to prevent the occurrence of this disease. Pneumonia is a lung disease caused by the presence of wet peadangan on the parts that one or both lungs. Most pneumonia infections are also caused by bacteria or viruses.


The transfer of the virus or bacteria present in the human body can be spread or transmitted to human body. When someone is suffering from pneumonia, the SAC which is supposed to contain the air so filled with liquid so the airbags will be swollen. Hence pneumonia sufferers will experience shortness of breath because of the airbags should contain the air so that it contains with liquid.


The following are things associated with pneumonia:

  • Pneumonia Sufferers. Pneumonia much attacking children, even death from pneumonia was ranked at the top. The World Health Organization or WHO estimates if every year there are as many as 1.1 million children in the world who died of this disease. Indonesia was ranked No. 8 in the world her children died of this disease. While in 2008, the death rate that existed in Indonesia due to pneumonia is about 38 thousand. For children aged 2 years, pneumonia can increase weight and some can cause death. For seniors or aged 65 years and above is exposed to this disease in need of intensive care in the hospital.
  • The Causes And Prevention Of Pneumonia. All disease is uncertain is the cause. One of the causes of bacterial pneumonia streptococcus pneumonia and these bacteria cause pneumonia. Sendiir pneumonia could be caused by a virus. Prevention can be done by way of keeping clean themselves and also maintain a healthy life patterns. Other prevention are not getting used to Smoking. Not smoking can prevent pneumonia because of harmful substances in cigarettes can cause the lungs to be corrupted so pneumonia can occur.
  • Care And Complications. The treatment can be done with this type of pneumonia is depending on it’s own. Mild pneumonia can be treated with injections of antibiotics, and also how to antibitoitk drugs. In addition to antibiotitk, pneumonia can be treated with light how much to drink and the rest too many. For pneumonia, which belongs to the weight needed treatment in hospital and the tool may be needed help breathing. Pneumonia will easily be treated if pneumonia is still in the light levels in addition to the complications of the disease suffered by sufferers can also affect the success of the treatment, in addition to diseases can also lead to complications. Pneumonia can cause complications for this example alone is lung will become ulcers and become contagious.
  • Symptoms Of Pneumonia. Symptoms of pneumonia need to look out for if we do not know the symptoms of illness may cause handling be late because we don’t know if the illness is an illness of pneumonia. Pneumonia symptoms fever, sweating and body also will feel the cold. This may be a harbinger of a fever if the bacteria and viruses are attempting to get into the human body and attack the immune system. The second is the symptoms sufferers will experience dry cough and also have yellow or green phlegm. Cough with color like it could be a sign of the presence of bacterial infection or virus infection.
  • Breathing Difficulties. This is because the bag is supposed to contain the air so that it contains with liquid in which a fluid-filled all the air pockets so that people will be breathing difficulties. Pain when she drew breath, sufferers will experience pain when breath is interesting because while pulling exhale diaphragm will be depressed by the fluid that was in the air sac that can cause pain when inhale. The next symptom is the heartbeat of sufferers will be ticking quickly, because the heart will work hard pumping blood throughout the body. Other features of pneumonia the lungs in the form of joint pain, sufferers will experience a loss of appetite, the sufferer will also feel nausea and vomiting are also symptoms of the latter is the sufferer will feel a headache.


Legionnaries Disease

Legionnaries disease is a lung disease caused by the bacterium legionella pneumophilia called. Infections caused by these bacteria will be the same with pneumonia. The bacteria that cause the disease are bacteria that shaped rods and found in most water sources. Bacterial growth can be very fast and it could be the proliferation of bacteria in the water. Most of these bacteria are in the press pipes and wherever the location the water pooled.

For the rainy season has come at a time when it is expected to be very careful with this causes puddle of bacteria that could be there in the puddle. Legionnaries disease first discovered and described in 1976. Legionnaries disease outbreaks will be identified as sepertti pneumonia with severe level. Most of the illnesses experienced by men.


Pleural effusion


Pleural effusion of lung disease caused by excessive fluid in the membrane that surrounds the lungs. In the lungs of the two membranes that line the lungs. Two membrane or commonly known with the pleura will be provided with a lubricating fluid can make lungs inflate and perform smooth contraction in human breast. Some diseases can cause pleural effusion affected someone. Examples of tuberculosis, heart disease and some other diseases create an excessive buildup of fluid in the pleural membranes. Fluid that builds up in the pleural this could reach as many as three liters number so that the lungs can be depressed.


Tuberculosis Or TB


This disease is a disease that is often suffered by the public. Peyakit tuberculosis should not be disepelekan because the disease can be very dangerous if attacked children who have an immune system that is not yet stable. TB-causing bacteria can invade the brain so that required surgery to remove the bacteria. Understanding tuberculosis is a disease caused by an infection that usually attacks the tissues at the lungs. Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease causes mycrobacterium tuberculosis. Basically in the human body have a Microbe called TB, but these microbes do not usually cause disease in the body of the person who has a good immune system. Neither instead, this disease can strike people who have immune systems that are declining. This disease is contagious and if not immediately addressed that bacteria can invade other parts of the body.




Pneumotoraks is a disease that can strike at the lung membranes or called the pleura. Lung membrane called the pleura will be exposed to this disease if both the membrane called the pleura can be impregnable and the air then enters into the pleural cavity. It can cause a form of lung then becomes deflating. Both pleural membranes separated by a layer of pleural fluid are very thin and can lubricate their movement.


The existence of the pressure balance is on the wall of the chest, the lining of the pleural and some lung tissue can allow the lungs being sucked into the chest wall. On pneumotoraks diseases, air can get into the pleural cavity. The balance of pressure in the lungs can be changed when the lungs turn into compresses. A lot of air can enter the pleural cavity but not be ejected can create pressure around the lungs is higher as a result of the experience of the disease could be threatened. Pneumotoraks spontaneous cause is rupture of blood vessels with enlarged alveoli are not reasonable at the surface of the lungs. Asthma conditions can also make a person affected by this disease. Causes of pneumotoraks the other is broken bones that are in part the ribs and cause wounds in the chest.




This type of lung disease the most popular is asthma. Asthma is also termask in this type of lung disease. Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the lungs causing shortness of breath for the sufferer. Attacks of shortness of breath is characterized by breathing that read repeatedly. This type of lung disease asthma is a lung disease that is often experienced by manuisa. Asthma there are several levels ranging from low level up to the level of severe asthma. Asthma Asthma is weight level that always recur every day and if it is a recurrence asthmatics can’t do such activities as usual.

Here are the things that are associated with asthma that we should know:

  • wall air channels that exist diparu experienced contractions and pneumonia also experienced a seizure.
  • the muscles of the Airways that is experiencing contractions and spasms that make the airways become narrowed, that narrows the Airways that cause asthma attacks occur.
  • Narrowing of the Airways that would be compounded by the presence of excessive mucus in spending hidng.
  • Asthma much that occurs in children and in the ana. Asthma in children is usually caused by the presence of allergy which is owned by the son of etrsebut. Allergies can cause allergic eczema are acidic.
  • Asthma Sufferers also caused by genetic or hereditary factors. If in a family there are suffering from asthma, the tendency of other family members affected by asthma is relatively large.


Chronic Obstructive


Chronic obstructive disease has limitations in a channel the breath. Obstructive lung disease is a chronic disorder in the long term and cause the onset of tissue damage that is in the bagiam of the lungs. The hallmark of the disease is the same as asthma where breathing feels claustrophobic and the longer the more weight. These diseases include diseases in chronic bronchitis and emphysema disease also.


Chronic Bronchitis


Other lung disease is a disease of chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is a disease caused by chronic inflammation of the Airways that is on part of the lungs. The Airways in the lungs will be infected with substances contained in cigarettes. In people with chronic bronchitis, bronchial tract on the lungs and also the main airway will be heading to the lungs suffered inflammation, narrowed due to harmful substances in the tobacco smoke and the last is going to experience swelling. Bronchitis will also occur when the lungs are experiencing an infection that happens repeatedly due to exposure to the pollutant substances by harmless and are also exposed to cigarette smoke repeatedly.

Inflamed airways in people with chronic bronchitis disease will result in excessive phlegm. The beginning of the first cough and phlegm also it would appear when the air is damp and cold. But eventually the cough will often happen all the time and all year round. So if you are having cough and phlegm has failed to recover it’s good you checked yourself because a cough that phlegm so in a long time a symptom of chronic bronchitis.




Lung Disease Emphysema is a type of obstructive lung disease which can cause damage to the alveoli of the lungs. Resulting from damage to the air sacs or alveoli of the lungs makes the body does not get enough oxygen content. People who suffered emphysema will usually have difficulty bernaas, besides the sufferer will experience chronic cough shortness of breath too long and heavy. People affected by this disease are people who likes and hobbies of smoking. Cigarette smoke can cause the sacs become damaged because the pouch should be contained with air thus will be filled with dangerous fumes.


Pulmonary Disease Due To Working Conditions


Working conditions or the working environment someone could cause someone affected by lung disease. Lung disease that can be caused by conditions of the work environment is a disease of asbestosis, silikosis da pneumokoniosis also. The disease is caused by the chemical particles that exist in the work environment so as to make the lung become inflamed. The particles that cause irritation in the lung tissue and particles that can lead to fibrosis. People who are at risk for experiencing lung disease due to work are the ones who are at risk of inhaling particles during work is toxic.


The particles were inhaled for years so that particles will accumulate so it makes your lungs become infected. Workers who are exposed to the risk of lung disease are those who work at the mines. People who work at the mine has the risk to be exposed to thickening of existing networks in the lungs so that scarring can occur in the lungs.




Silikosis is a type of lung disease that is caused due to the conditions of the work environment. The disease is also associated with pneumokoniosis disease caused by silica crystals. Silica is itself a kind of material that is commonly used when construction of houses, buildings and also in the construction section. Form your own solid silica and harmless, but dust from silica is not very good for the lungs and also harmful to the lungs. Not many people who do not yet know the type of silica, silica which is often used in reconstruction of bangunanan is a quartz, tridimit and also kristobali.




Kind of disease of the lung disease asbestosis is last. As the name suggests, this lung disease caused by exposure to the lungs by asbestos substances causing lung suffered heavy damage. Many cases occur where the disease asbestosis can change and develop into lung cancer. Lung cancer is the worst conditions of penyakt the lungs causes lung is damaged and cannot work to its full potential again. Lung cancer is characterized by the emergence of abnormal cells that form a tumor in the part of the lung. Not only does smoking can cause lung cancer, but asbestosis can also lead to a person developing cancer of the lungs. More than one million cases of lung cancer are found in the world each year.


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