Function Of Lungs In Respiratory System

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Function Of Lungs In Respiratory System

The lungs are the organs on millipedes (respiration) and is associated with the circulatory system (circulation) vertebrate breathes with the air. Its function is to Exchange oxygen from the air with carbon dioxide from the blood. The process is called “external respiration” or breathing. The lungs also has the function of nonrespirasi. Medical terms related to the lung often begin at pulmo-, from the Latin word pulmones for lungs.


The main organs of the respiratory system in humans is the lungs. Our lung function is to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This exchange of gases is essential for life. Breathing depends on the diaphragm, the muscle sheets slung below the lungs in rib cage. Common problems of the respiratory system include asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, hayfever, influenza, sore throat and inflammation of the lungs.



Our cells require oxygen to survive. One of the waste products generated by the cells is another gas called carbon dioxide. Respiratory system takes oxygen from the air we breathe and expel carbon dioxide. The main organs of the respiratory system is the lungs.


Function Of Lungs In Respiratory System

The purpose of the lung is to oxygen can get into the body, while releasing carbon dioxide. Oxygen provides the body with energy, while carbon dioxide is the waste generated by the body’s metabolism of the cells collected in the tissues of the body.


The Function Of The Nose And Trachea


We breathe through the nose. Bristle nose help to trap dust particles. Warm air enters the lungs through the trachea or throat. The trachea is amplified by vacuum tube rings of cartilage to prevent it from collapsing.


Human Lungs


Our lungs are inside the chest, protected by the rib cage and encased in a membrane called the pleura. The lungs look like a giant sponge, because they are filled with thousands of branched tubes, smaller and smaller. Components are the smallest of all is the air sacs, called alveoli ‘ ‘. Each has a fine mesh of capillaries. This occurs where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.


The Human Respiratory System


Blood containing carbon dioxide enters the capillaries lining the alveoli. The gases move from the blood in a thin layer and into the air sacs. The carbon dioxide then breath out. On inhalation, oxygen is drawn into the alveoli which passes into the blood using a thin layer of the same.




According to the American Lung Association, our lungs inhale 8,000 to 9,000 litre air air per day to meet demand from a 8.0000 until 10,000 liters of blood that is pumped through the heart.




Lung function was to defend the respiration of the body, which means that the lungs bring oxygen into the blood stream via the alveoli, or small sacs in the lungs. When oxygen enters the blood, hemoglobin picked it up and moved it to the rest of the body. The lungs also removes carbon dioxide from the bloodstream, by removing waste products from the body. When the lungs don’t work properly, it means that oxygen is not up to the body and thus they have to work harder to function. The problem with the lungs, such as pneumonia, lung disease, asthma or other problems more emphasis on bodily functions.


The Ability To Talk


The respiratory system also allows us to speak. Exhaled air goes above the vocal cords in your throat. The sound depends on:

  • tension and length of vocal cords
  • the shape of the chest
  • how much air being exhaled.


Respiratory System Problems


Some of the lung diseases of the respiratory system include:

  • Asthma–wheezing and shortness of breath caused by constriction of the Airways
  • Bronchitis-inflammation of the mucous membranes of the lung
  • Emphysema-diseases of the alveoli
  • Hayfever-an allergic reaction to pollen, dust or other irritants
  • Influenza-caused by viruses
  • Laryngitis-inflammation of the vocal cords (larynx)
  • Pneumonia-pneumonia. And other lung infections.


Things To Remember


  • Respiration is the absorption of oxygen and the Elimination of carbon dioxide.
  • This work is done by the lungs.
  • Respiration is accomplished by the contraction and relaxation of muscles and ribs diagfragma


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