Types and the Cause of Lungs Disease

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Types and the Cause of Lungs Disease

Lungs disease refers to the disorders that happen and attack your lung. As we all know, lungs are the internal organ that will keep you breathing and goes along with your life. Women should put major attention to their lungs since the diseases that attack this organ can be so many. In the U.S. there are numbers of women attacked by the lungs disease and the number is increasing from time to time. Disease that happens on the lungs also makes more women dying in nowadays.

What is lung disease?

As I have said earlier, the term of lung disease refers to the disorder that happens in the lungs. Meanwhile, lungs are important organ that keeps your breathing. When someone is attacked by the breathing issues due to lung disease, it may prevent the whole body from receiving oxygen in proper amount. There are several popular lungs diseases that commonly affect people. They are such as:

  • Asthma that can lead to chronic bronchitis and be ended on emphysema.
  • Infections on lungs lead to influenza and the worst is pneumonia.
  • Lung cancer.
  • Sarcoidosis and pulmonary fibrosis.

The cause of lung disease

Generally, there are only several clear factors that caused lung disease. Some causes are such as:

  • Smoking from tobacco or anything that produces smoke can increase the risk factor of lung disease. You better quit right now or do not even start. Even though you are not a smoker but got exposed by smoke then you will be considered as secondhand smoke. It is bad for you, babies, and young kids.
  • Radon is kind of gas without color and odor. It is available in most residential places and experts consider it as the cause of lung cancer. The existence of this gas can be revealed by using certain kit. The kit is available in the hardware store after all.
  • Asbestos is also one of the unseen killers in the world. People that work with asbestos around them have higher risk of getting lung cancer. It cannot be processed by your internal organ and it cannot even be burnt through the fire. Other than that, the signs of lung cancer due to asbestos exposure will be appeared years after.
  • Air pollution is something that hardly to be avoided. Car exhaust may cause asthma, lung cancer as well as another lung disease. So, be careful with what you inhaled in your daily life.

Influenza is a disease that affects your lungs but it is caused by germs combine with your low immune system.

Signs of lungs disease

Early signs of lung issues are generally easy to consider. The signs are such as:

  • Hard to breathe with the feeling like you do not get enough air from your breathing.
  • You feel hard to exercise.
  • Coughing for long time of period and drugs did not work much.
  • There is blood after you cough up or mucus that thrown out along your cough.
  • Discomfort feeling when you are breathing.

You better see the doctor once you experience once of signs from lungs disease.

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